When people ask me about my hometown, I usually talk about someplace in Arizona. After a crazy childhood of having to move states every two or three years, it’s where I’ve stayed the longest, and the place I feel most at home. With all of the AZ-dedicated tattoos covering my arms and the aggressive pride I have for my alma mater, you would guess I’ve lived here my whole life. Most people would never guess I was born in Portland.

Since being born in this city, I’ve never had the opportunity to make my way back. It’s funny though, I’ve always seen myself living in Portland sometime in my future, even though I don’t remember anything about the place. It doesn’t take much to draw me in though - any place that’s known for their donuts is a place for me.

Being able to share my “first time back” experience with my parents was something so special. I loved getting to go down memory lane with them. We visited their first house, hiked down to their favorite waterfall, and even drove by the bar my dad and his friends were getting drunk at when my mom was being driven to the hospital getting ready to deliver me.

We spent a lot of our trip chasing waterfalls, wandering forests, and finding starfish on the beach. 
We also stayed in the cutest airBNB, where we were hosted by two of the sweetest little cats.

Since getting older, it’s become rare that we’ve been able to travel all together. How lucky we are to have parents to work so hard to give our little family such great adventures like these. Thanks mom and dad for everything you do. Love you guys.

Eunice Beck